Employers of certain sizes are required to have an active reporting structure in place. This should be actively promoted in the workplace and also your supply chain. By doing this, you promote confidence throughout and it can have a positive impact in how your company performs.

Whistleblowing is now a common phrase used throughout business and the media. Unfortunately, it is often incorrectly quoted and taken out of context. There are rules and standards that must be adhered to in order to receive the protections that the guidelines offer. Proceeding with any investigation without first confirming the status of an allegation can be costly to the employer and cases have been seen where substantial financial awards have been issued when a Whistleblowers details have ultimately been disclosed.

Eminent can help support your business and provide valuable protection against costly claims. Providing your own hotline service that moves away from what appears to be the ‘norm’. Currently there is a heavy reliance on remote email or text message services. These can be seen as impersonable and lack of trust surrounding the audit trail and confidentiality. The Eminent reporting service goes back to human contact and offers callers the opportunity of receiving immediate reassurances and support from operatives with experience in processing sensitive confidential information.

Costs to retain Eminent vary and are calculated dependant on company size and estimated number of reports you may have previously received. Once engaged you can expect Eminent to provide you with a monthly breakdown of reports received and summary of common allegations. You will also receive materials to display at your premises promoting the service. We will also ensure that a Whistleblower incident meets the initial threshold and it passes the standards required for anonymity to be provided. In addition, training workshops can be delivered informing employees and members of your supply chain how to report an incident and the support offered to do this.
This flexible package of measure can dovetail with existing procedures you may have in place. With packages commencing at only a few hundred pounds per month, contact us to discuss your specific requirements.