Investigations-for business


Fraud, extortion, bribery and corruption pose a real increasing risk to business and it is imperative that these issues are managed effectively and reviewed regularly. Should you discover any issues in your organisation, it is important that the matter is investigated promptly and thoroughly so that you can minimise the damage and reputational risk.

The recent addition of Deferred Prosecution Arrangements (DPA) have presented companies with an opportunity to self-report matters involving corruption and reduce their exposure to damaging reports and costly investigations by government agencies and any fines they impose.

Legislation is in place for certain business categories to operate an active whistleblowing policy and actively encourage its employees to report wrongdoing. However, legislation offering the necessary protection is sometimes misunderstood and false hope of protection is offered. Eminent has the experience to correctly assess any allegations and ensure the correct path is instigated before any damage is caused.

Eminent have assisted clients with these issues and successfully worked on one of the largest corruption cases in modern time. We are experienced investigators who have worked at the highest level in policing. We are specialists in investigating those involved at the highest level of international criminality.

Our work has included:

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