Intelligence Gathering

SurveillanceMost projects that Eminent are tasked with involve intelligence gathering in some form. The phrase ‘intelligence gathering’ can also be presented in different ways, such as;

• Due Diligence
• Background Research
• Profiling
• Open Source Research

When completing this type of project information can be obtained from various sources, including general open source intelligence (OSINT), which can involve an increasing number of licensed information packages. Some of these packages should be considered carefully as they merely provide a pipe feed from free to access sources. Knowing where the free source is can in itself be a key skillset required to complete this type of project successfully and for the correct budget.

Issues can occur within the pipe feed which can result with inaccurate data being transferred. This could include, typing errors on names and missing shareholder details. The reliability of packages can also differ greatly and we have found that some have missed company’s out completely. This can be a crucial point when identifying assets.

Having a full understanding of how research should be completed and where to look so that you ensure as many options are covered as possible is key. As indicated above, identifying the free to access sources can be extremely useful along with examining the data at source. As indicated previously, this is also important as third party databases can be victim of outdated information and errors.

For more difficult jurisdictions and complex cases, the deployment of ‘in country’ resources (HUMINT) can be key and confirm your open source data in addition to identifying new actionable strands of information. This should always be a consideration when operating in more challenging environments as electronic data can be minimal and conducting a basic site visit can uncover crucial leads.

In certain jurisdictions it is also possible to complete additional enquiries that are not available online. This could be something straight forward, such as searching your target name against other Directorships. Having the knowledge in house that this is available to you can be another key tool in achieving the best result for your client.

For projects which require a far deeper examination, the option of infiltrating a network can return excellent rewards. When considering this tactic, there is a degree of caution which needs to be taken. It’s important to ensure that those tasked to complete the infiltration have experience and have been trained in the methodology. Failing to recognise this and consider in your initial risk assessment can not only put the integrity of your investigation at risk, but also the safety of those completing the work.

Operationally you should always be thinking ahead and the effect any encounter may have on your evidence should you need to present it before a court. It can be very easy to be lost in the moment of such an interesting task, but professionalism should be paramount at all times. Ensuring you have a robust internal reporting process helps achieve the standards of service required.

Eminent have an excellent reputation for providing quality in country research and OSINT reports. Our extensive global network of operators are qualified and experienced in conducting this type of enquiry work. We are regularly engaged to conduct research into both individuals and businesses alike. This can form part of any due intelligence task, building accurate profiles or an asset tracing exercise in support of your litigation or arbitration process.

The company has successfully operated across the world for 10 years and continues to gain new clients. We are proud to offer a team of trained and experienced operatives whose experience originates from both specialist law enforcement and military backgrounds. Our immediate senior team have collective relevant industry experience in excess of 250 years.

Evidencing excellent standards of internal corporate diligence with both UKAS 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications, clients can feel assured that they will receive excellent standards of service. Please feel free to contact us using the details below to discuss how we may be able to assist you and advise on any current projects you may have under consideration.

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