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About Us

Eminent Crisis Management Group is a well-established investigation and security risk management company. Since its inception, Eminent Crisis Management Group has grown to provide a full spectrum of investigation, security and advisory services to the legal sector, governments, industry and private clients worldwide.

About Eminent Investigations

Our History

Eminent has evolved from providing locally based services in the United Kingdom to a full international portfolio of Investigation, intelligence, security consultancy and support. The management team have worked tirelessly in their aim to compete with other global businesses in the marketplace. We are independent and offer a boutique approach to client needs.

High Risk Response

Our Achievements

With experience in complex and challenging environments, we now have the professional knowledge, understanding to provide fully integrated services that meet all requirements and to the highest of standards. We have consulted on recent extraction projects from both Syria and Iran, worked on leading corruption cases and litigation matters worth billions of pounds.


Our Vision

With all the developments that have now occurred and with further expansion always considered and implemented appropriately, Eminent is now able to offer a credible and reliable service to any client. We can demonstrate our ability to deliver at the highest level and continue to do so. Eminent continue to successfully work alongside large corporate bodies, leading lawyers and governments.

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Cryptocurrency Tracking and Monitoring

  What makes cryptocurrency so intriguing is its potential. In 2010 the value of a single bitcoin was $.08 (USD). Today it fluctuates between $55,000 – $60,000 (USD). Though the …

Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence Gathering

Most projects that Eminent are tasked with involve intelligence gathering in some form. The phrase ‘intelligence gathering’ can also be presented in different ways, such as; • Due Diligence • …