With Police resources stretched and the incidents they respond to decreasing, it can be frustrating when the offence you report is not investigated.

There is a little-known piece of legislation that enables parties to consider a ‘Private Criminal Prosecution’. The process works in a very similar way to a police investigation and still involves court processes. This enables you as the victim to move matters forward and ensure that the offending party is subject to the investigation and prosecution they deserve.

Once your proceedings have commenced, there are funds available from Central Government for private prosecutions to be reimbursed any reasonable fees if you win or lose the case. However, it is worth noting that it must pass the evidential and public interest tests required. In addition, there are also now some funding solutions available that can assist with your investigation costs and help bring matters before the court. There is also the potential to claim costs and compensation from the offenders.

As experienced retired police detectives, Eminent have helped clients by completing the investigation and helping progress matters onto the court process.