HEAT TrainingEminent Crisis Management Group Ltd is an established United Kingdom based security business operating globally, that specialises in a variety of practice areas that are particularly relevant to organisations operating overseas. Whether you are an NGO, Legal Practice or Commercial Organisation, you have a duty of care to ensure all staff are prepared appropriately for an overseas deployment and that the necessary assessments and training have been considered. If travelling or deployed to somewhere with increased risk, it is advisable to have an appreciation of the threats associated to the area of travel or deployment.

Attending a specialist Hostile Environment Awareness Training Course program, more commonly known as HEAT Training, designed by Eminent specialists is the best way to prepare.

The course offered by Eminent has been designed by former members of UK Special Forces and led by our own team, who are seasoned veterans in this field of expertise. As a professional organisation operating in this area of business we feel that experience of the instructors is key and an essential part in delivering a credible and rewarding learning experience.

At Eminent we believe that the course provided is unique in design and content. Our theory and scenario-based training will help condition you to apply the techniques when travelling, reducing the risks  and returning home safely. Content includes, but not limited to, Personal Safety Awareness, Threat Risk Assessment, Trauma and First Aid Training, Navigation Techniques, Voice Communication, Counter Surveillance and Self-Monitoring using Cyber Awareness Methodology. Some of our content is currently provided to an existing government client by the company. As a result, we believe that the course provided by Eminent is unmatched in the marketplace.

The individually tailored courses can be prepared based on your own specific needs  and delivered to meet all  levels of experience and knowledge. All instructors are extensively vetted and experienced veterans who have operated at the highest level in the military, government and commercial sectors. Commercially, they have delivered training courses to a variety of clients around the world.

In addition, our UK training facilities are of the highest quality, where both classroom and ‘on the ground’ scenarios are provided. They are delivered in a calm and productive manner to ensure each student gains the most from this unique training experience. Courses can be specifically tailored to an individual clients requirements and scenarios built around current risks to a specific destination. This approach will add a true sense of realism. The company is now also able to provide bespoke courses at its own training facility in South Africa.

All courses provided can be further supported by the company with travel management advice, country risk assessment and deployment of experienced security personal. Our experienced team can provide up to date country reports,  full journey management with recommended accommodation in specific locations, together with the secure transport required and on-going route planning to meet any immediate identified risks that may occur. We believe that being able to operate the portfolio of services from beginning to end is another essential benchmark as to why your organisation should choose Eminent.

To learn more, discuss any requirements that you may have, or visit our UK Training Facility, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below.