Iris scanningIntelligence and Profiling

Operating globally is now an essential part of expanding your business and increasing profit. With a large number of emerging markets this challenge does present its own unique set of problems. It is vital that any fresh business opportunity is fully assessed with a potential risk identified and subsequently managed.

At Eminent we will complete the necessary Due Diligence enquiries into any given company or individual. By receiving a full intelligence profile you will be able to assess the situation and protect the integrity of your business while also reducing any risk that may be posed. The research can be supported with our own investigation and surveillance operatives that will enable you to obtain the most accurate assessment possible.

Save Your Business!

With our experienced operatives we can provide clients with a global activity report. Each report is individually tailored to the clients need and may identify assets that could result in the successful recovery of monies owed. We will also manage the enquiry within a given budget and complete a phased approach should that be preferred. This may result in the early identification of a potential risk and therefore reduce the cost involved with your final report.

We have licensed access to a wide variety of research tools that results in the lawful recovery of valuable intelligence. A client can feel confident that any information provided to them has been legally obtained and available for onward disclosure should it be required.