man standing outside two carsExecutive Protection – providing fully comprehensive, cross spectrum protective security services that are individually tailored to meet our client’s needs. These services are based on a detailed risk analysis of the threats and careful consideration of the environment and the specific operating requirements. Our approach involves a considered audit & review of existing security plans or systems, a detailed and comprehensive risk assessment and analysis of potential threats, vulnerabilities and possible consequences. Our management will also examine the effectiveness of different risk mitigation alternatives and their likely costs to enable us to optimally select the most effective strategy to meet your requirements.

Eminent understands the need for discretion and privacy for a corporate body, individuals and their families. With the increasing amount of residential vandalism, theft, aggravated burglaries and kidnappings, there are a growing number of clients who require enhanced security for their home. Every residential security plan is tailored to suit your requirements by providing a complete security package that is discreet and un-intrusive. Our Residential Security Teams consist entirely of qualified Close Protection Officers who all possess extensive experience in private security work. Our Close Protection Officers can also manage any other security requirements you or your family may have. Our officers are personable, discreet and highly professional, ensuring the utmost protection and discretion.

Venue Security provides your location and visitors with a unique level of safety and reassurance. Our venue security teams are composed of highly trained former police and military personnel who have many years’ experience in this theatre, including monitoring crowded locations and identifying individuals with hostile intentions. This includes the services of former counter terrorist security advisors who have unrivalled knowledge of counter terrorist surveys and risk assessments of both sporting and public venues.

Prior to any presence at your venue Eminent Security Services would conduct a full security review and prepare a comprehensive audit with recommendations and a list of relevant services. The intention being, that if the company was being engaged we would liaise fully with the local police and relevant authorities providing them with a full action plan with procedures for their approval that will be implemented should an incident occur.

A VIP Chaperone provides the same security services as the Close Protection Officer but can also provide the expertise and connections to organise and handle all client requests. Chaperones can work with the clients PA / PRO to manage daily details of an itinerary and make final adjustments and last minute changes for the client, including the briefing of staff, bespoke travel requests and the reliable management of day-to-day finances. These are just some of the tasks the VIP Chaperone can carry out allowing the client to enjoy a relaxing vacation or successful business trip.

Whether your family has a high profile status or you decide to travel with dependents to a more insecure area, we understand that you will want to do everything possible to keep them safe.

Unlike many security companies, Eminent Security Services can provide experienced Family Security Officers who understand the sensitive nature of working with a family. They will provide the complete security solution required in a discreet and unobtrusive manner. Considering this, Eminent Security Services are also able to offer female security officers trained in family protection.

Allowing siblings to venture abroad is an exciting opportunity to broaden horizons, continue education and a chance to learn new skills in foreign countries and cultures. Eminent Security Services guardian protection service reassures guardians and delivers confidence to individuals looking to take up the challenge of travelling and living abroad.

Such an undertaking needs careful consideration and Eminent Security Services can provide practical assistance in preparing the individual for their chosen itinerary. We are happy to look after the day-to-day arrangements and more routine tasks so our clients can fully enjoy making their preparations with full peace of mind.We make sure that guardians are fully reassured and the travellers are fully prepared, confident and have all the necessary security systems in place for the planned travel.Once travel commences, our support does not stop as we have various levels of security ranging from remote tracking to fully vetted personal chaperones.

Additional services include:

  • Comprehensive residential security surveys followed by deployment of Residential Security Teams.
  • Gap analysis of existing residential security systems.
  • Security system procurement.
  • Home, hotel and office protection packages.
  • Increasing awareness of staff in the fundamentals of residential security.