security services worldwideMaintaining the capacity and capability to deal with crisis requires the consistent input of valuable resources. As the gap between incidents lengthen and economic pressure bites, organisations may start to abandon programmes dedicated to defending against unpleasant risks. The potential consequence is operational failure; loss of public/customer confidence and organisational catastrophe.

Even in the best equipped and prepared organisations the unexpected happens. Eminent Crisis Management reinvigorates your approach to special risks. We provide bespoke consultancy services tailored directly to the needs of individuals and businesses, including assessment of organisational vulnerability; drafting operating policies and procedures; conducting planned crisis exercises and managed testing of staff and procedures.

Should the worst happen, we will respond immediately to support your Crisis Management Team through the incident. Our consultants originate from a variety of backgrounds, many having gained a wide range of skills in the police and military throughout the world. All bring experience and learning in the field of crisis management and leadership with a comprehensive background in tackling kidnap and extortion. All of our consultants have been subject to government security vetting.

Eminent provides a range of high level security services. This includes specialised negotiation services surrounding hostage and kidnap related enquiries. We offer a state of the art 24 hour operations centre that has undergone and passed strict due diligence testing.

Offshore our operatives have assisted in the establishment of the internationally recognised Secure Anchorage Area (SAA) in West Africa and have managed several maritime security contracts for major oil and gas service companies, which includes the provision of armed Patrol Boats managed by teams of highly experienced maritime security experts.