Corporate RiskCurrent research shows that corruption and fraud is costing business billions of pounds each year. In addition to this the effect that any incident could have on a company’s integrity and reputation can be immeasurable.

With increasing reports evidencing that bribery and corruption pose a real increasing risk to business it is imperative that these issues are managed effectively and reviewed regularly.

In a business world of electronic transactions the level of trust placed on employees is increasing. Issues are rising when it comes to employees providing false and fraudulent accounting records. This can cost companies considerable sums of money and severely damage its profit. It can also place a strain and damage the integrity and public image of the business.

Keeping Your Company Risk Free

Our qualified and experienced operatives can help provide a full and strategic consultation service that will identify, investigate and manage any potential risk to your business. The Risk Assessment plan will be individually tailored and meet the current needs of each client. Once completed the assessment can be reviewed and updated in conjunction with any changes to your business needs.

In recent years, property and information theft has cost businesses many billions of pounds. The items stolen have ranged from unique plans for a new product, existing client details or the premature disclosure of an on-going merger. Eminent can provide the skilled operatives who can complete a security search of your premises to guard against such attacks using the latest technical surveillance counter measures. We are also able to provide a full penetration testing facility that will assist you with safeguarding against infiltration.

We live in an age where generous court settlements have led to an increase in allegations, some of which may be unfounded. By inviting Eminent to initiate an investigation, or simply deploy some integrity testing methods, you could put a stop to these incidents and send your employees a strong and positive message.