Following the revelations that were subsequently investigated by The Leveson Inquiry it is becoming increasingly important to utilise the services of a business that promotes a strong ethical policy and only utilises fully trained and experienced operatives.

Eminent provides a collection of independent individuals that have a proven track record working within an investigation role. The experience is drawn from working for many years on complex investigations aimed at those involved in serious and organised crime where sensitive and covert tactics have been successfully deployed.

It is working in this way that has provided them with current and up to date knowledge of ensuring work is completed within the confines of the law and a legal framework. That knowledge extends to areas such as The European Convention of Human Rights, Data Protection Legislation and Criminal Law. It is with this knowledge that you can feel re-assured Eminent will conduct a thorough investigation that is both transparent and protects the integrity of their client.

With this experience Eminent is confident that it is able to provide the very highest of standards when conducting any enquiry or investigation. Each and every client will receive an individually tailored service to suit their needs. Our range of experience enables us to effectively and professionally manage:

  • Thorough planning of the investigation
  • Management of the entire process by qualified and experienced operatives
  • Gathering lawfully obtained evidence
  • Interviewing both witnesses and suspects
  • Asset tracing

We are able to offer support across the world. With the addition of two facilities in both South Africa and Nigeria, Eminent is establishing itself as a regional expert and able to provide an immediate response to risks and incidents that develop across the African continent. As a client you will be able to speak directly with our project team leader in country who will manage your enquiry through to its conclusion.

Eminent is now being contacted from a range of globally based clients, including legal practices and asked to assist with a wide variety of projects. Our website provides details of some of the core services that we provide.