International Enquiries

Utilising our global network of operatives Eminent is proud to have assisted with a number of international investigations. The countries of experience range from a wide sector of European destinations to Africa, North / South America and the Far Eastern region. These enquiries have included high value fraud cases and the subsequent tracing of associated assets. Eminent represent a range of clients who now recognise our international presence and regard us as a regional expert in Africa and other difficult conflict zones. Each client will be able to liaise with project managers ensuring that they receive both accurate and real time updates.

Highly Vetted and Extensively Experienced

The Eminent team are carefully selected, highly vetted and extensively experienced. Our local & expatriate consultants are drawn from a cross-spectrum of different security backgrounds and localities. This perfect marriage of local and expatriate capability enables us to deliver exacting standards in the complex and challenging investigation and security environments often found throughout the world.

Working closely with respected local partners, including academics, financiers and world-class businessmen, Eminent now has a proven track record of achievement and excellence for delivering both investigation and security risk management services across both the land and maritime environments in a number of different sectors. All operations will be carefully managed from our operations centre by our operations manager working, where necessary with, organically trained local nationals.

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